Projct Hairstyles: Valentine Day Special

Found a good tutorial about a valentine day special hairstyle. Unfortunately, we didn’t have dark colored hair elastics so had to go with the available ones. However, the outcome wasn’t bad.. for a hair challenged person like me! We were happy with the end result 🙂

Project: New Hair Styles

So, our new project is to try new hair styles on Fizzy’s hair. We watch the YouTube tutorials together, try the style and take a pic. Good addition to her art book 🙂 First up: Single braid band

Jan 9, 2015: 3D Polka Dots

You can trust a kid to come up with ideas which would rarely (if ever) cross an adult’s mind! We were coloring our mandalas and Fizzy had her play-dough with her. She started coloring the circles and put the play-dough on them, one by one. Then we also had a stamp lying around so she pastes it on the paper with (with the help of play-dough, I think) turning the art piece into a 3D art piece 🙂

The Deer

I like how Fizzy has added her touch (e.g. inverted triangles) to the deer. Also, it looks like the deer is in a field. Don’t remember why she put numbers on top.